Apr 5, 2010

Sundowning. The Party -- CD Track Listings

Hey everyone:

Thank you all for coming out to our fundraising party on Saturday night. We appreciate your support and hope that you had a blast! Below are the track listings for the free CD.

Thanks again,

Frank Rinaldi

1. Get Fucked (and Other Suggestions), Sleepies
2. Bro-Ectomy, Old Testament Heroes
3. Cromagnon, Meddle
4. Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan Cover), Dirty Projectors
5. Will U Be Here Tomorrow?, E Flat Eerie
6. Jellystar, The Analog Girl
7. Journal of Ardency, Class Actress
8. 15 to 20, The Phenomenal Handclap Band
9. Bastard Son, Magus
10. Skylight Boulevard, The Analog Girl
11. Taurus, Loose Shus
13. Let's Go To The Mall, Robyn Sparkles
14. Summer Bummer, Sleepies

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