Apr 1, 2010

'Sundowning' - Kickstarter Fundraising Account

In 1956, the godfather of Independent American Cinema, John Cassavetes, appeared on Jean Shepherd's late night radio show 'Night People.' Cassavetes was to begin production on his first feature film directorial effort. During the broadcast, he appealed to listeners for their support, positing the then radical idea of making a film funded not by studios and major corporations, but entirely by a consortium of private citizen-patrons. The tactic worked, and Cassavetes used the money to make 'Shadows.'

Fifty-four years later, The Technological Singularity is approaching, radio has evolved, and the internet exists. Housed somewhere inside the internet is the website www.kickstarter.com. Kickstarter is an online funding platform that supports independent artists. We (my collaborators and I) have created a Kickstarter account to raise funds for 'Sundowning,' our DIY debut feature film.

As writer and director of 'Sundowning,' I invite you to browse our Kickstarter page, and hope you are compelled to lend your support toward our efforts.

Thank you for your interest. Viva la Cinema.

Frank Rinaldi

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