Jan 10, 2010

'Sundowning,' the Debut Feature Film by Frank Rinaldi, Scheduled to Begin Production in May 2010

'Sundowning' is a coming-of-age story and character study spanning two years in the life of Shannon Fitzpatrick, a 24-year-old girl suffering with dementia.

Frank Rinaldi, the writer/director of 'Sundowning', conceived the idea following the death of his grandmother, Lorraine Schneider, who suffered from dementia. Curious about the subjectivity of her experience, he imagined his own perception of life with dementia. 'Sundowning' arose from this concept.

In ‘Sundowning’, Shannon suffers from a rapid progressive form of dementia. The disease steadily destroys her brain, leaving her mind an unreliable and tattered landscape of confusion and disorientation. It is amidst these obstacles that Shannon seeks clues from her pre-diseased life, and insight into her present condition.

Shannon wants answers, but cannot remember what questions to ask.

'Sundowning' strives to be a timely investigation of modern social concerns, and a timeless exploration of personal identity.

‘Sundowning’ is the first feature film written and directed by Frank Rinaldi, produced by Stephanie Bousley, and starring Susan Chau and Shannon Fitzpatrick. It will be shot in Singapore in May of 2010.

Please join us on Facebook or e-mail Frank Rinaldi and Stephanie Bousley (producer) at sundowning(dot)film(at)gmail(dot)com.

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