Dec 17, 2009

LOWbASiC World Premiere -- Slamdance 2010

LOWbASiC, the new short film written and directed by Frank Rinaldi, will have its world premier at the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival.
Josh Intrator and Thomas Seely of Punk-Rock-Duo LOWbASiC struggle to maintain their friendship and sanity as they prepare to debut their music on Dr. Bob's Rock 'n Roll T.V. show FALSE MEDIA. LOWbASiC: Beat Your Media.

"The Slamdance Film Festival is one of the premier, few remaining truly independent film festivals in the world. Slamdance adamantly supports self-governance amongst independents, and exists to deliver what filmmakers go to festivals for – a chance to show their work and a launching point for their careers. Slamdance has earned a solid reputation for premiering films by first-time writers and directors working within the creative confines of limited budgets."

LOWbASiC is Frank's second film to screen in competition at the Slamdance Film Festival. His first, Funny Guy, received the 2009 Grand Jury Award for Best Experimental Film.

The filmmakers are thrilled to premiere LOWbASiC at Slamdance 2010, as we feel the festival is a shining example of the best modern independent cinema has to offer.

LOWbASiC showtimes and more festival updates coming soon.
For a list of films screening at Slamdance 2010, click here.

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